Fieldsports and shooting

As a regular sporting shooter of shotguns and rifles, I have a broad knowledge of firearms, ammunition, optics, firearms and fieldsports law, ballistics and practical shooting techniques.


In addition my interest in fieldsports, sustainable hunting, animal management, and land reform means I understand the challenges this sector faces. Hence I can write accurate copy that will clearly convey your business, brand or product message.


Countryside and outdoors

My interest in the British countryside and rural affairs means I keep up to date with the agricultural, environmental, economic and social issues currently impacting this sector.


As a result I can write knowledgeably and factually about these subjects. I can also advise clients in the countryside and outdoor market on the best approach to take when devising a business, brand or product-based strategic communications plan.


Marine, nautical and sailing

As a keen cruising and racing sailor with thousands of nautical miles under my lifebelt I have a comprehensive understanding of this sector gained from over 20 years of on the water experience.


By keeping up with the latest developments in sailing, yacht design, yacht racing, marine conservation and nautical products I can draw upon my experience to write fact-filled and lively copy about your brand to ensure it sets sail in fair winds.


Other business markets

I have provided copywriting and content creation for IT and software companies, design agencies and their clients, charities, finance companies, healthcare businesses and law firms.


Whether you are a multinational looking for additional creative expertise to complement your in-house marketing efforts or a small business wanting someone to manage your communications requirements, Cool Dog can help.


For more information please contact:  Helena Venables 01974 831363 or 07974 780717